Կոնտեյներների վարձույթ

Duplex Softener 2 x 350L up to 10m³/h
Autonomous and continuous production
Fully automatic: solenoid valves, Hydris controller
Brine tank, min capacity 150kg
Testomat control - monitoring of outlet hardness
Compressor for compressed air autonomy

Caustic neutralization: pH adjustment for CO2 elimination
(helps also for colloidal silica and TOC reduction)
100l day tank
Double layer
NaOH dosing pump
Flow rate proportional

RO 15 Bar up to 7m³/h
5 x 8” softened water RO membranes

EDI up to 6m³/h
1 ionpure EDI cell

EDI up to 6m³/h
1 ionpure EDI cell

Separate RO and EDI flow productions

3 x DN50 SS (feed, product, waste water)
1 x 380V, III, 50Hz, 63A, with neutral

Sea Freight Standard 20ft Container with 2 x double doors both ends

The system includes:
1 main electrical panel IP65
2 subordinated panels
2 emergency stops (both ends) All skid earthed

Feed line safety devices:
Isolation valve
Automatic shut down valve Absolute pressure reducer (3 bar) Mechanical water totalizer

Piping and valves execution:
Low pressure piping: PP PN10 (welded in the mass) High pressure side SS316L PN25
All valves: ball valves

Qualities Inlet/Outlets
Feed quality: Max 1500μS/cm
Max TH < 60°F
Max SDI 15 < 5 (SS < 1ppm)
Max TOC < 15ppm
Soft water quality: TH < 0.1°
RO permeate: TH < 0.1°
Conductivity < 50μS/cm
EDI permeate: TH < 0.1°
Conductivity < 0.1μS/cm
SiO2 < 20ppb